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Q. Can Lok N Blok be used on any door?                                                             

A. Lok N Blok can be used on any door that has a standard deadbolt and door handle configuration. If your deadbolt is more than 8 1/2" away from your door handle (measured from the center of the deadbolt to the center of your doorknob), Lok N Blok WILL NOT fit your door. Most standard doors in the USA are configured with the deadbolt on top of the doorknob and spaced 6-8 inches above the doorknob/door handle.

 Q. But my deadbolt is positioned under my door handle, will that work?             

A. In most cases yes. Because of our Patents pending design, Lok N Blok is designed to be used upright or upside down. 

 Q. My deadbolt locks in the vertical position. Is that ok?             

A. Lok N Blok is designed to be used with the lock in the vertical or horizontal position as shown below.

 Q. Can Lok N Blok be used while I'm not home?                                                 

A. Yes, when you are not home and want to use Lok N Blok, simply lock your door and attach Lok N Blok to the deadbolt normally and exit your home through the garage door.

 Q. I would like to buy Lok N Blok for a community or group. Is there a discount for bulk orders? 

A. Yes, please email us for bulk pricing of 25 or more.                                                                 

Q. We have a store and would like to sell Lok N Blok, how do we do that?         

A. Please email us to inquire about being a Lok N Blok retailer.

 Q. Does Lok N Blok have a warranty?                                                                 

A. *Yes, Lok N Blok comes with a limited lifetime warranty from any manufacture defects. 

 Q. How many do I need?  

A. *This depends on how many doors you have that have a deadbolt in your home. Most homes have a front door and a back or side door with a deadbolt. Some homes even have three doors, which the third door is the garage side door. So you may need one, two, or even possibly three or more depending on your home.

 Q. What is Lok N Blok made of?

A.  Lok N Blok is made of an Ultra Strong ABS plastic material.

*The Lok N Blok warranty covers manufacture defects. The warranty does NOT cover damage from misuse, neglect, altering, or any other reason outside the scope of being used as directed. Original purchase receipt must accompany all claims.